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Twins Marketing Communications, Twins, was founded by David Sargent and Ryan Read and opened its doors in August 2000.

Twins believe in the POWER OF 2. Simply put, our overriding objective is to maximize the impact, response and value to our clients marketing investment. We achieve this through tightly defined strategic objectives, compelling communications, added value media negotiations and keen pricing at a production level.

Our Services

We are Revenue Generation Experts. With Full Service Brand Solutions, Measurable Sales Campaigns and 17 Years Experience in Delivering bottom-line Revenue Growth.  We keep your Brand relevant and top of mind in today’s ever changing Marketplace.


Television Production, Media Booking & Buying


Multi Channel & Multi Device, Digital Media Marketing & Development


Store Branding & Consumer Journey Optimisation


Scheduling, Booking and Production of Radio Commercial Advertising.


Design & Placement of Billboard and OOH Media.


Graphic Design, Placement & Booking of Print Advertising.


Packaging Design & Product Branding for End-Product Display Showcasing.


Interruptive Design & POS Systems to Drive Customer Purchases.

Our Approach

Our approach at Twins is to maximise marketing and communications opportunities. We partner with the best skills and facilities in the industry to ensure the greatest degree of impact and effectiveness of the communication we produce on our client’s behalf. The value of your marketing and communications investment is leveraged and multiplied in every possible way, to the maximum benefit of your brand.


Gathering as much industry information from as many sources possible relevant to your industry.


We review the market and identify trends and opportunities for your benefit including relevant gaps in the market while informing and assisting in the Positioning and Development of your Brand.


Your Brand Plan will include: Your Current Brand Identifiers, Benefits to the Consumer, Desired Brand Identifiers, Potential and Desired Offerings to Market, Brand Values, Relevance, Personality, Tone, Positioning to Market, Your Brand Bulls Eye – The ultimate single-minded Brand Blueprint


Twins will develop your Communications Plan, providing you complete control of your communications. Including campaign concept, design and layout and detailed information as to what message will be delivered to which audience throughout the year.


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Our Broadcast Work

IWISA | All Ads

BEEF UP | Beef Strip Nachos

BEEF UP | Beef Pita

BEEF UP | Beef Sizzle

BEEF UP | Beef Stew

BEEF UP | Beef Comp

BEEF UP | Beef School

HOLLARD | Motor Xtender

0successful campaigns since 2000
0Revenue Growth for our clients year on year
0Very Proud BEE Contributor

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Email:  |  Phone: +27 11 726 1135
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