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Case studies of how Marketing and Sales Objectives have been achieved with our Full Solution offering.

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Eureka and the founders of Eureka worked together on the overriding objective to position Eureka as the Number One Fastner and Fixer provider in the South African market. We jointly highlighted what the market wanted and needed for us to successfully achieve this. The outcomes of this became the Drivers for all marketing and sales communications going forward. This led to a complete store within a store setup where Eureka did all merchandising and stocktaking on behalf of the retailer. Giving them the hassle free solution to a category with a huge number of SKUs. The net result is that Eureka is Number One in the market


Fort Knox was briefed to extend the vast Eureka range of products and offerings to include a selection of mortise and padlocks branded Fort Knox. After extensive market research and determining the critical market drivers a range of messages were developed. Firstly aimed at owners and buyers with in the retail chain to drive listings. And secondly to stimulate Consumer purchases and proving rate of sale. This Range Extension has been well achieved by those involved. In most Hardware and Retail outlets you will see Fort Knox stands clearly merchandised and displayed next to the Eureka stands.


Nampak – Bevcan was challenged to work together with the management at Nampak Bevcan to reverse a declining trend of can sales in the industry. There has been a steady decline year on year of can sales due to cheaper PET bottling options and the consumer’s preference for consumption out of glass. After careful research of our various target markets we developed and implemented a comprehensive strategy to firstly arrest decline of sales through dealing with misperceptions around cans. And then stimulating can sales through highlighting the unique cost, storage, usage, cooling and recycling benefits of cans over plastics and glass.


Bosch – Car Service was successfully awarded the Bosch Car Service account after an extensive pitch process. We implemented an integrated online leads capturer to send business to all the Service Centres nationwide using an interactive online and mobile platform developed by us for Bosch. To drive leads and business to this platform we created a highly memorable. “If its oh my gosh! Get to Bosch” radio and online campaign. The credibility of our Service Centres was established through a historic television ad detailing the many exceptionally impressive inventions and patents of Bosch Worldwide from 1891 until today.


Hollard was appointed by the New Business Development Team at Hollard to launch their new and unique Motor Xtender offering to the south African Market. We jointly developed segmentation models of the potential market to best conceptualise design, develop and produce messaging to yield the highest level of success by driving daily leads to our call centre. This included development of the Brand look and feel and Corporate Identity. Due to the success of this we were appointed by Hollard to create daily lead generation for the Hollard Pay as You Drive offering.


Iwisa Maize Meal was appointed by Premier Foods to increase the consumption of Iwisa nationally in the high competitive, price sensitive maize meal market. After extensive category analysis it was decided to proceed with a price premium campaign offering on pack value added benefits to the mass market. A dramatic insured prize was used where the consumer would need to select their dream soccer team. This also leveraged the Iwisa Kaizer Chiefs relationship on pack while driving sales as entry form needed to be cut out of the pack. This campaign was highly successful and led to us doing a highly successful on pack promotion for the iconic Snowflake and Blue Ribbon Brands.


OK Furniture created the The Big Brand Blastaway sales driving FMCG property for one of South Africa’s biggest and most established Brands. OK Furniture. Driving sales with high impact, memorable bespoke messaging. With our more than 20 years expertise in FMCG selling experience we delivered each product and price to the precise timing that we know delivers the highest possible level of message retention and which drives consumers to respond to the sale prices immediately. Over and above broasheets, television and radio advertising we incorporated an online digital shop with detailed tracking mechanism to create reliable databases to send future offers to.


Karan Beef

To achieve our high volume sales objective we created and implemented a Business to Business campaign to get Restaurants and Butchers to purchase our Karan Beef products in bulk direct from the factory. To do this we brought in Celebrity Chefs into their businesses to perform live demonstrations to their staff at work. This educated those selling our product in the most entertaining way highlighting the unique benefits of Karan Beef. They were now empoweredto share these Unique Selling Points with their customers. To drive sales for both their businessand ours. We recorded, edited and shared these on their and our online and web platforms. Our direct to Consumer campaign aimed at driving mass market sales was achieved through strong audiovisual messaging online and radio as per ads above.


Barloworld – Hyster developed a Business to Business campaign aimed at Financial Directors and other corporate decision makers who could influence the purchasing of our logistics and handling equipment. Using our in house research and Client Service Experts we developed an up to date database of these decision makers working for potential new clients that had the need and capacity to purchase our high end handling and logistics equipment. We sent a series of direct mailings which comprised of well thought through and delivered packages to introduce our offerings and create rapport. And reinforced this with strategic high impact installations of our machines in action at the airports that these corporate decision makers would use in their business travels. Plus television ad squeeze-backs in Prime Time Rugby.

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